Early Morning Blues

Its morning right? At 5:00 am. Nope! My morning started at 2:30 am when my little man got up for his feed.

I’ve been in zombie mode since then! Being pregnant and a mother to a 10 month old is hard and tiring. Its now 6:34 am and I am exhausted!

I don’t know why my little man’s tummy is giving him a problem. He wakes up crying at night more than usual and cries until he drinks milk and farts and then goes back to sleep. I wish I could help him because his cries signal to me that something is really paining for him.

After he wakes up, in like no time, its time to get my baby’s daddy ready for work. Once thats done, little man is up with his beautiful smile. He needs to be changed and his place needs to be made to play, he needs to be entertained and then he needs  to be calmed down because he starts to cry when daddy goes to work.

He will only sleep for about 15 minutes in two hours from now. He also doesn’t want to eat food so I am on the search for baby recipes.

Life seems so hectic right now! But in between it all, when he gives me that gorgeous smile, everything else falls away and my heart melts immediately. Strange how a little baby can make everything alright with their little smile!! 


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