Discipline!! The hardest part!!

The hardest part of parenting is discipline! When you love your cute little baby so much, how do you scold them? How do you teach them right from wrong without shouting and threatening? How do you handle their cries?

My little one has become too spoiled recently and now he is giving me a very hard time at home especially because dad is back at work.

Throwing tantrums and being clingy and naggy is what my little man is up to now and its becoming tough to discipline him.

I know that if I don’t do it now he will become a disobedient child and spoiled but its so hard to look at that cute face and not give in. But children are clever, even though they are small they are intelligent enough to understand which parent to work their charms on and when to do so. Thats why its important as parents to stand together on every decision including discipline.

I’m learning to scold him with a heavy heart because he is becoming out of hand. I just hope that he knows how much we love him and we are scolding him for his own good.

I’m still on the search for baby recipes because this fussy little man doesnt want anything and he needs to put on weight!

The to do list for a mother is a never ending one!


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