Just one of those days!

So my little man decided that he wants to sleep in the bed with mum and dad last night. Of course, he doesn’t understand that I’m pregnant and that my little tummy takes most of the bed space! Apart from that he decided that vertical sleeping is a thing of the past so he slept horizontally between mamma bear and papa bear.

After getting kicked all night, he got up this morning completely grumpy! He decided to scream his lungs out while I was getting baby daddy’s things ready for work. Now, he had his 15 minute nap and is up again and not letting me go!

No rest for this pregnant mother! I love what I have in life. A beautiful family with a little one on the way and living on my own is so peaceful but today is just one of those days!

So I’m off to pick up toys and clean up the house, change the diaper and sweep up for the thousandth time.

Have a great day!


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