Shhhh!! Dont wake the baby!

How many of you have had those shhhh!! Dont wake the baby!!!” moments??

Well, last night was that moment! After having a baby and then being immediately pregnant like me makes it hard to bridge the gap that having children tend to create in a relationship.

I read in another blog about how she felt like she was past her relationship with her partner and it makes me wonder if I will get to that stage as well.

But last night, we stayed up all night and had some grown up time! It was so much fun to stay up all night and watch movies together. I think it was one of the best nights that I have spent with my hubby after having the baby!

I had so much fun just playing around with my hubby and being childish with him. What a lovely sound it is when he can’t control his laugh while being tickled!

I realise how much I miss that and I’m so glad that we spent an unplanned night in front of the tv and with each other. No phones or connections from the outside to interfere. It was just us in our little world.

Our perfect shhhh!! Dont wake the baby!!!” night was truly perfect. We missed our little son so much but he was just in the next room and not too far away. It was nice to just be alone and spend some quality time together. It definitely does strengthen the bonds and reminds you why you’re together.

Love is a wonderful thing to have in a relationship but needs to be maintained in order to grow well forever. Nothing in this world works without giving it your all  and in relationships, giving it your all is most definitely a requirement. Otherwise it won’t be a relationship, it will be a compromise.

Goodnight! Or should I rather say, Good morning friends! Have a great Sunday!! 💗💗


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