Running short of brilliant ideas

I had to leave my full time job once I found out that I was pregnant for the second time as I was extremely sick at the beginning of my pregnancy. I enjoy being a stay at home mom with a small part time business on the side but recently I have this longing to be working.

I thought I could ignore it but I simply can’t anymore! Its this annoying longing to be doing something productive. Yes, I know it’s productive and meaningful to be a mother but I’m looking for something else as well. A mother, as much as its the best thing in the world, is not all I want to be.

I want to design software and be doing i.t related work, working for a deadline and being busy beyond belief! Thats what I want to do right now, I just pray everyday that something like that comes along soon.

I wanted to create some sort of software by myself but I can’t seem to find anything that could be useful to create. I’m trying to brainstorm something amazing but nothing is coming to mind. When I was in university, I was so fresh with ideas and now? I can’t even think of one!


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