Starting small

After my previous post, I decided that I should start small. We recently moved to a new house but I was not present for the move as I had to go to hospital. After I came out, I didn’t really do much in the house because my darling husband had already done the unpacking for me as he knew the condition that I was in.

I wanted to set the house myself and make a place for myself so that I could feel at home but I never got the chance.

Okay, okay .. Maybe I did get the chance but I never bothered to take the initiative to actually get off my lazy ass and do what I wanted to.

So today, my goal is to set up our house the way I want to. That includes all the sweeping and cleaning thats needed. Well, as much as a 7 months pregnant woman can do.

But I will make sure not to use being pregnant as an excuse to give up early. I will complete 95% of this mission today.

Thats what I have decided.

Wish me luck!!


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