The Secret: Did I Get My Doughnuts??


Okay okay so maybe I didn’t get EXACTLY what I wanted but I did get a delicious doughnut.

So now it’s time to try something a little bigger. They say that you must wake up everyday with a thankful attitude. Creating a vision board apparently also helps to keep yourself focused on your goals.

So from now on, everyday I will be thankful for something. And everyday I will take time out to envision what I want and what my goals are.

Of course, I will use my blog to keep track of it all. Lets see whether like really does attract like and whether the law of attraction really does work if you apply it diligently in your life.


One thought on “The Secret: Did I Get My Doughnuts??

  1. and remember – its also and more- about the great feelings that you Attract. Thank you for making us all salivate over a doughnut, I guess now we’ve partially manifested it without the weight gain. enjoy and happy creating to you today, my unknown friend! mikey


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