After birth essentials : Part #01

These are some of the things that you will REALLY need after birth. Yes, I am aware all are labelled number one, this is because all are equally important.

1. Someone needs to say “let me do that for you”

After giving birth, apart from being extremely excited, you are also in extreme pain and are extremely exhausted. Babies dont sleep through the night and breastfeeding babies wake up almost every hour. Thats the moment you need someone to say, “let me do that for you”. No matter how small something may be, guaranteed, you will appreciate it. Even if its just a cup of tea.

1. Patience

You need patience after birth to deal with a wailing baby as well as the tons of people who want to see that baby. You will need patience for when you’ve just got him or her to calm down and someone comes in to see the baby and hold the little one.

1. Privacy

For some reason, people just assume that they can walk in and out of your room after you’ve had a baby. Here, you need to ask for privacy, if you dont, you will go mad.

1. Sleep

This, you will be in dire need of. So whenever the little one is catching a good ol’ 40 winks, you make sure you put your head on the pillow and get some sleep.

1. Food

But not the yucky stews! When I had my first child, I was almost forced to eat stew and I didn’t eat it. Nothing happened to me at all, I was fine afterward. In fact, I was more than fine. I lost all the baby weight and had begin to work again. You will most definitely crave for something  amazingly tasty to eat. If you think its fine for you, it probably is. After having a baby, you can sure bet that you know your body better than anyone.

1. Pillows

Oh my Gosh! I cannot stress enough on how much you will need comfortable pillows! After having a baby, you will end up in all odd positions on the bed, so you better get your most comfortable pillows and find your spot on the bed before your little one takes it over.

1. Tissues

Yes, its after birth but the tears will come. The tears will come when you are overly frustrated or tired. Tissues will be your best friend. You need to realise that its okay to cry and you have the right to cry whenever you want to! Don’t let anyone tell you any different! 


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