The Secret : Day #02

Goodmorning positive people!!

I am yet again thankful as I was yesterday. My list can be found here .

Today, I am thankful for another beautiful day. I am thankful for seeing my parents today after two weeks and I am thankful for all the sweet things that I am going to eat.


Yes, yes… I am manifesting sweets! I can’t help it if thats what my little one wants!

April is coming soon and then, after that, I won’t be able to blame my little one for the sweet cravings. But, for now, I most definitely will take advantage of the fact that I am pregnant and no one can refuse me what I want!


Oooh, I just thought of something to add to my list!

I am so thankful for losing all this weight after having my baby.

Thats something that I definitely have to start manifesting from now on. I’ve been eating sweets so much this pregnancy!

Have a wonderful day!!


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