After birth essentials : Part #02

1. Tolerance

Yes, tolerance. When there’s a baby crying continuously and no one can calm him down, you will need tolerance. You will need tolerance for all the unwanted advice that people will give you. Trust me, tolerance is really important!

1. To feel beautiful

This one is for the dads. After having a baby, you will feel like you look like crap! When I was in hospital, there was a women who gave birth and afterward she went and had a bath and put on make up. When her husband asked her why, she said she wants to look beautiful for her child to see her for the first time.

I understand her feeling, but remember your baby loves you for whats under the make up and whats in your chest. Your husband needs to remind you that you are beautiful but if he doesn’t, always remember YOU ARE GORGEOUS.

1. Alone time

No, not with daddy dearest… Alone time for yourself. Time to catch up on rest and to spend some time on yourself. No, its NOT SELFISH. Don’t bother yourself with anyone who tells you that it is.

1. Date Night

Yes, you do need date night. OFTEN. Maybe not every week, but in the land of motherhood, often translates to something like twice in a month. What they say about losing touch with your partner after a baby is true. I mean, think about it, between washing, cleaning, cooking, working, looking after the baby and all the other extras in between, where is the time for any sort of intimacy. So, take a night off or just try and make the baby sleep a little early, dim the lights and spend some time together. Even if that time just means sitting and catching up with each other.

1. A Supportive Spouse

Your husband needs to help you but he also needs to be on board with what you do and what decisions you take regarding the baby. You will also need him to be on the same page with you regarding discipline. I don’t mean the violent kind but I do mean shouting at the little one when he is doing something wrong. My son is 10 months old and even though that sounds like he’s really small, he is clever enough to know who to try and manipulate to get what he wants. Kids are clever and if your husband is constantly petting the little one after you scold him, please know that your child is beginning to rule you.

I guess thats enough for now. Have a great day everyone.


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