The Secret : Days 06 & 07 (08 & 09 Feb)

So I’ve been trying the secret right. Being thankful everyday, manifesting greatness etc but yesterday and  today were just bad days altogether.

Yesterday, my husband came home and got on the wrong side of my pregnancy hormones. He kept picking on me saying that I don’t do much at home. That’s really easy for him to say considering he is not the one creating a baby inside him and running around after a 10 month old in pain all day while picking up after him. He leaves his dirty socks thrown in one place and then his pants in another and shirt somewhere else. On top of that, he leaves all his dishes all over the floor, if he is just sitting and doing nothing but has the baby in front of him, he suddenly becomes disabled. He won’t be able to change the tv channel when the remote is about a metre away from him.

This morning, we woke up late. I’ve been suffering with pain in this pregnancy alot and now that the days are closer, its becoming harder to move around. This morning he argued with me before going to work, now I am sick. I’ve thrown up all over and feel extremely shaky. I am typing this post with extreme frustration, maybe not directed at the universe but defintely at my husband for treating me so badly even thoughI am going through so much to have this baby.

How do I manifest anything or be thankful for anything when all I feel is extreme disappointment and I feel so unappreciated?

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