Story Time : Abuse the pregnant women

Its supposed to be the duty of a husband to protect his wife and to show her things with love. Not to hit her and hurt her and break her down.

Today I will tell you a story, maybe some of you will understand. There was a girl, she was the only child and loved immensely by her dad. He did everything in this world to make all her dreams come true. He grew her up with dreams for her in his eyes and then she fell in love with a boy. A boy she knew all her life but had no interest in. He was a bad boy but some how convinced her that he was no longer that person. Her father gave them his blessing,  her mother did so as well.

But the girl, she fell pregnant before getting married. All her dads hopes for her were shattered yet he smiled and accepted it all. Throughout her pregnancy, she was treated badly by the boy. He swore at her and hit her, he threatened her and her family. He got drunk and he cheated on her as well while she suffered every month in hospital because her pregnancy was difficult.

When the baby was born, she was put through even more hell. He and his family started dominating everything and they put her through a sufferance that you can’t even imagine. She stayed and accepted it all because she loved the boy and her father watched it all because he loved his daughter so much.

As the baby grew, things got better but then she fell pregnant again. And things went back to how they were. Her father helped them whenever they needed a thing and he still continued to do the same thing. He hit her one day, that she peed herself. Now she is thinking, what to do next? Does she deserve all these bad things?

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