Will The Secret Cover Child Birth?

Being almost full term pregnant and having an almost one year old running around me is so exhausting! I never planned to be pregnant, but not everything in life turns out how you plan it. Well, according to The Secret it does but I don’t think it covers child birth.

I can’t manage anymore to carry this baby. My bones are not meant for this, apparently my body hadn’t healed from my first baby and according to my doctor, I shouldn’t have anymore children.

Okay, so I wasn’t honestly planning to have an entire soccer team but it would be nice to know that my options are still open!

Now that I have thought about The Secret, let me manifest having this baby today. So Universe, listen to me! I am thankful that I have given birth to a beautiful little baby today. Thank you for making it happen so quick and fast with hardly much pain. I am so happy to hold my bundle of joy today.

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