At first, I Loved You Innocently & then I Loved You truly.

What does that mean exactly? Last night, in the middle of the night, this thought came to me. When I fell in love, I fell in love with the idea of love being all hearts and flowers.

I imagined that I would be courted in the sweetest ways possible, with flowers and dinners and dancing dates. But that was my falling in love innocence.

Then I met with the true  trials of a relationship, the fights and arguments and the truths that sometimes maybe too much to handle. And thats when I fell in love truly. When I still stood by the man I loved, even though it wasnt that easy to do so.

I have given up on the notion of innocent love because how will I ever get that phase back? There are some things in life that you just cant erase from memory and that you just cant move back from. Once you fall in love truly, you cant go back from that. You only have the choice to move away or to move forward.

Whatever you choose, make sure somewhere along the line you make your own heart happy.

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