Superhero Dad

Today, my son was admitted in hospital. He began spewing continuously and it killed me. It worried me so much! We brought him to the hospital and they asked my opinion on whether to admit him. At first, I was apprehensive but then on second thought, I realised that he would get better treatment at the hospital than at home. I agreed to it but definitely wasn’t happy.

After the entire admission process and twenty questions, they informed me that the doctor ordered for blood tests and a drip to be put up. I nearly died!! Needles ?? In a 1 year olds arm?? I immediately started to refuse. They informed me that it was just procedure and important for him to help him stay hydrated.

I still didnt want it. Because I am pregnant, I moved in for a short time with my parents as I have many complications in pregnancy. I started to cry once they said they going to put the drip and take his blood but I was not the only one. My dad, my strong, grown up, role model father was crying. He had pain in his eyes that was for my son. He hated it. He really hated  it. The way my dad cares for my son, the way he spoils him and loves him, I don’t think anyone in this world could love us more. I see that we are his life and we are his joy and I can see that he is worried about my baby.

My dad is a real life superhero. I will forever be thankful for his help and his support and everything he does for me. He too may never know how much I Love Him but I hope one day he finds out. He is the perfect father. 

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