So ready now

I have never been patient. Ever.

Thats just the way I am. So how am I staying sane waiting for my baby to decide its time to come out into the world. Thats the problem. I’m not staying sane.. I’m going crazy.

Writing this post, I am silently praying that the Universe hears my “positive” cry for the delivery of my little one because I am tired of suffering. Maybe if my pregnancies were easier, I wouldn’t mind this much but they are the furthest thing from easy.

Being practically paralysed with no help and a one year old to look after isnt exactly the ideal situation.¬† In fact, I desperately need help. But my poor husband who tries to help so much is far away and is working and my dad, he can’t help during the day, hes got to work too! But when he is home, he never lets me suffer. He always helps.

My mum though, on the other hand, she is only concerned about her life and how neat her house is and how much dirt we make and things like that. She can leave a dirty bottle lying for days, she will never even check the flask to see if it’s got enough water or not. My mum will never help but put a big show in front of everyone to say she’s so tired because the baby tires her out.

I wish I had lots of money and my own house, then I could just employ someone to help me instead of battling like this. I need to work on expanding my business and making it work.

I need to start being business minded and start putting out adverts and using the connections we have. I need to secure my childrens futures. Im ready to do all this and I’m also so ready to have this baby.

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