The greatest conversation

Its strange how talking to someone after a long time can be so normal. Like theres no awkwardness or anything, just an understanding that you both were busy with life but you still hold an important place in each others lives.

I spoke to my cousin after many days, yet everything is still the same. We laugh and joke about the same things. In fact sometimes we laugh so much about things that we can barely make it to say anything more for a few minutes.

Family like that is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Im so greatful for this cousin of mine because we just the right mix of crazy to have a conversation when either of us is feeling down. Sometimes you dont need someone who understands or even needs to understand. You just need someone to listen and let it flow in one ear and out the other.

I think our bond is beautiful like that and that my granny would be proud to see that we have maintained our closeness even through the distance. Wherever she is, I hope that she is proud of us.

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