Welcome Back??

Yes, I had said that I will not give up things, but I disappeared from the WordPress world for a while. Well, I guess it’s time to welcome me back.

The beautiful reason for me stopping my blogging was the birth of my baby girl on the 27th March 2016. She was born a wonderful 3kg at 3 o clock during the day and she hasn’t given me a break since. Now, with a one year old and 1 month old, it’s extremely hard to get much done.

But I need to get back now into my routine. Many changes have taken place such as I no longer live in Mooi River. I am now living with my parents and my husband is living in Richards Bay without us! It’s torture! So now, I need to get back in the game. Here are things that I need to accomplish and I am very determined to do so.

  1. Take care of both kids, ALONE, with NO HELP.
  2. Get a well paid job
  3. Get a house and settle down with my husband
  4. Get a car and actually use it
  5. Get going with my business (http://mrsgobin.wix.com/allthingsit)


So here I am, back again into the rabbit hole of life. I think I have been cooped up long enough. Watch this space, I am determined to make a change.


Mum On The Run




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