The worlds worst mum


Am I the worlds worst mum??

Thats a haunting question, isnt it? One thing about a woman is that she never wants to be seen as a bad mother. But what is a bad mother really? There are so many stereotypes placed on women based on their behaviour yet men are just men no matter they do. In fact, I have actually heard people say, “its okay, he’s a man. Its fine if he does it” . We are in 2016, but this mentality still continues.

Would I be considered a bad mum if I drink a little wine occasionally? Would I be considered a bad mum if I smoked the occasional cigarette or joint? Would I be considered a bad mum if I went out at night one day in the whole year? Sadly, yes, in the eyes of the all knowing, perfect people on this earth who were apparently born with the right to judge others, that would make me the worst mother!! 

But I don’t believe thats right. Whats wrong with having a drink as long as you’re capable of still looking after your kids? Im not saying go out and get drunk and have someone drag your ass home because you were starting to dance on the tables but you can totally sit at home and have a quiet drink with your girlfriends or even your husband. I dont see the harm in smoking either as long as its not around the child and one night to yourself sounds extremely reasonable to me.

Bad mothers are those that neglect and abuse their children not those that steal a little time for themselves at the end of the day. Whoever feels they have a right to judge you probably is more guilty that you!

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