dear mother.

Dear Mother,

I love you so much. Much more than you love me. But you know what mother, you seem to think that you are the best mother in the world. You are wrong.

You have fulfilled the duties of a mother because you have taught me lifes hardest lessons in the nastiest of ways.

You used to lie to my father to try and distance us. I am his only daughter and the apple of his eye. Nothing can distance us. But you tried, mother, you tried your hardest and you still try.

You used to hit me and take out your frustration on me. You forgot that I never asked to be born and I never asked to be your child.

You always embarassed me in front of people and always said that I am lazy yet you would use me to do all things saying that I am a girl and that I must do work.

You never had the patience required to be a mother. Remember the time you forced me to learn to cook and you made sure you hit me and let me get burned. You never cared that I was afraid of the stove or the heat.

You never gave me support and you felt that you were always right. Daddy and I were always wrong. We were wrong to do anything and wrong to be hungry when you wasn’t.

You always cared for your family but never my father’s. You would go crazy when your family came to stay, making like they were always right and like they were God yet they always insulted us when they stayed. Your sisters children made you their maid yet you still acted like they were right.

You always hurt my feelings and put me down. You made sure that I knew being dark was unattractive. Remember how you bought me a face whitening cream and insisted I use it everyday? Remember how you took me to get my eyebrows and upper lip done by someone who couldn’t even do it properly and they took out so much of blood from me.?

Theres certain things you don’t even have to remember because they happened not so long ago.

People have such great things to say about their mothers but I don’t have anything good to say about you except for you have taught me about the kind of mother I never want to become.

I never want to be selfish and critical of my children. I never want to hurt their feelings or embarrass them. I will never put them down, it will always be my mission in life to lift them high.

I am greatful that my heart is like my father’s. Full of love and unselfishness. We know how to think about others without worrying about the benefits. We know how to forgive even when someone isn’t sorry. And even though you put me through more than this, because you are my mother, I Love You. Even though you don’t deserve it.

Your Daughter.

Yes, I know. This letter is the worst thing but no one should judge. Because not everyone has had the mother that everyone sings praises about. Some people have the type of mother that children have nightmares about.

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