Early bird catches the worm

Yeah, so I’m up early this morning. Thinking of cute outifts and a good song. Why you may ask?
Well, today is Friday and I see my husband on every Friday but today I want it to be different. I want to find a really cute outfit and get dressed and he must be wowed  out of his mind.

I want to change my life. Everyone says this law of attraction thing works but I dont see it working so I’m trying all of over again starting of new.

Coming back to tonight, my favorite thing to do is dance. After all I am a professional dancer. Today, I want to dance a sexy dance for my husband. The only problem is that I am so damn shy that I may not even do it.

Okay so first things first, I need 4 outfits to wear for the next 3 days. They all have to be cute and polished! Then, I need to find some mindblowing hairstyle and the perfect song to dance with him for him. Then what about choreography? I have to sort that out as well!

Wish me luck!


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