Crazy mums crazy schedule

I was not always a stay at home mum. At first, I was a working mum. It was great and I Loved It! But then I got pregnant again and it came with so much sickness that I could not work anymore. I had to leave. I dont regret leaving at all. Spending time with my kids is wonderful. I don’t get to miss out on anything of theirs.

I was reading a post about a stay at home schedule which pretty much summed up my life. I thought about posting my own here. People think that its so easy to look after kids. Ask the people who have had them one after the other how they manage. My husband actually admits that he does not know how I do it!

2:00 am : Get up to do dads ironing and pack lunch (yes! Its got to be this early so that none of the kids are awake!)

3:00 am : try to get back to sleep (this sadly goes on for about 30 minutes)

3:30 am : infant gets up. Run to make milk before her cries wake up the toddler. Feed her. Burp her. Put her down again.

5:00 am : dad’s alarm rings! Wake him up. He grovels and goes back to sleep.

5:30 am : dad gets up . but so does the one year old. Try my hardest to put toddler back to sleep.

6:15 am : after a countless number of songs, kisses and massages, toddler finally drifts back to sleep. 2 month old then decides shes hungry.

6:30 am : husband leaves for work. “Yay, look at me I can collapse!” (for some reason, this is when the sleep takes me the most). This is also when my 2 month old decides to cry about being hungry. Get up and make the milk.

6:45 am : 2 month old does not want all the milk. Burp her. Put her down. Put dummy in her mouth. Pray she sleeps.

7:30 am :  hear laughter. Pray the toddler goes back to sleep. Negotiate with God a couple times. Fall asleep and get up while toddler drums on my head.

8:00 am : hear crying. The infant is up. Theres no denying it. Up I go. Followed by diaper changes.

8:15 am : make a bottle of milk for the infant as well as a bowel of pro nutro. Put on the kettle for water for my flask as well as the toddlers tea. Take out something to make for lunch for toddler. Put on the tv. Feed infant milk while simultaneously feeding toddler cereal.

8:45 am : put infant down for a nap (hopefully). Soak clothes for washing. Wash dishes and bottles.

9:00 am : hand wash clothes in the bathroom while shouting multiple warnings from the bathroom to the toddler about things I think he is doing. Do random checks on toddler.

9:30 am : put washing in bucket. Grab toddler. Take him to the room, find all his things for bathing while simultaneously catching runaway toddler and putting him back on the bed.

9:45 am : take off his clothes, get him in the bath. Give him a bath.

10:00 am : put on his clothes and dress him up. Go back in the lounge. Make him a bottle milk. Hang clothes while repeatedly shouting at toddler to get back into the house. Up gets the infant.

10:45 am : Make a bottle of milk. Feed infant. Burp her and put her down.

10:30 am : Make lunch. Wash dishes and bottles. 

11:15 am : try to feed the little monster. Infant is up. Pick up infant. Play with her and with toddler.

12:00 am : toddler falls asleep. Put him in the bedroom. Take out infants bathing things and bath water.

12:15 :am : give infant a bath.

12:30 am : take infant out of bath. Calm her down as she screams because she has to come out of the bath. Thereafter apply lotions and other essentials. Dress her. Make her warm and put her down.

13:00 pm : run into the bathroom. Have a quick shower. “What was that? Which kid was it?” runs through my mind a thousand times.

13:10 pm : out of the bath and dash to change. Infant is awake. Make milk. Pick up infant and feed her. While feeding the infant, the toddler gets up.

13:30 pm : burp infant and put her down. Feed toddler. Pick up clothes. Change toddlers diaper.

14:00 pm : put clothes away. Infant gets up. Put dummy in mouth a thousand times. Take out something to cook for supper. Shout at toddler. Clean up what I can.

15:00 pm : change toddlers diaper. boil water. Make tea and butter bread for toddler. Feed toddler. Shout a million times.

16:00 pm : infant is up. Change diaper. Make milk. Feed her. Burp her. Play with her while screaming at the toddler.

16:30 pm : Yippeeee !! Look at the time!! Dads finished work. Play and see to offspring while doing a happy dance.

17:00 pm : dads home. Hugs all around. Sit with dad and play with kids.

18:00 pm : cooking begins. Make milk. Feed infant. Burp infant. Play with her while feeding toddler something to eat in the mean time.

19:00 pm : dad eats food and feeds toddler. Make tea for toddler.

19:45 pm : change toddlers diaper. Make a bottle of milk for toddler. Send him to bed with dad. Make milk for infant.

20:00 pm : feed infant. Burp her and get her to fall asleep.

21:00 pm : dads finally done and so am I. Both exhausted. Put infant in the room near toddler. Fall into bed. Infant starts to fuss. Hold dummy in mouth forever.

22:00 pm : finally sleep


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