The ways of life – just an after thought

Yes, I know the order.

1. Finish school
2. Get a job
3. Work hard and own your own things
4. Find a boyfriend
5. Get married
6. Have tons of kids

But this wasnt the case with me. I did finish school and finish studying. I did get a job and start to work hard but just before I finished study, I found a boyfriend too. And just as I was getting into work, I fell pregnant. Whats missing you may ask?

Well the owning your own things and getting married part.

But now I want to get married traditionally to the man that I love. Does that mean that it has to be a hushed up secretive, embarassing affair?

Can I not have dreams of a lovely wedding? Why do I have to be scared to ask if I can have certain things? Why must there be fear in my heart to want to have a wedding that makes my heart happy?

If your story is like my story and you’ve had a kid before getting married. Then let me tell you something, you have nothing to be ashamed of. If you are living happily with your baby daddy then be proud. Be proud to say M******F****RS, WE MADE IT. WE AINT WORRIED ABOUT YOU.

My identity is my family and what a beautiful family I have. I am not ashamed of them, I am proud of them. My life may not have happened in the socially normal way but it happened in the way that God intended it to happen. And I would like to believe that, because children are a gift from God. So I have made no mistake. Because my children are not a mistake.

I am blessed to have my children and husband by my side. Forever they will be my strength.


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