This is what my life is made of

My husband and I have our fair share of fights but it was love that brought us together. Together we created our first miracle. Our son, Yash. The journey was not easy, my pregnancy was not easy and our relationship was not easy but our love saw us through.

The day my son was born, I was terrified. I was in labour and I took an epidural. Thanks to the epidural, I could not push. I remember my husband being there and he said to me, you doing well baby, I can see his head, push. My gynae was not encouraging at all but my husband was my strength. I think back often to that day, 11 March 2015, when my husband stood as my strength and my encouragement. The only person I had at that time was HIM and he came through for me. That moment was so special to me, I will always remember it.

My husband does not know but it was that moment where I knew that I could trust him with my life. It was that moment that bound us more than anything. And then, it happened again.

My first born came with a bundle of complications, for me, for us, for our lives and our families but he is a beautiful bundle of joy. He is my soul. He reflects every colour of the rainbow.

My pregnancy the second time around wasn’t as bad and I had my husband’s support. The day my daughter was born (27/03/2016) I thought that I was going to die. I was refused an epidural. And then my husband was there again, wiping the sweat of my forehead. I remember him being there. He told me when he saw her. He supported me. I remember that day often too. Forever will it be etched into my heart and memory. My daughter is beautiful and perfect in every way. She brings every shade of love into our life. She is my Mishti.

I am no longer just me. I am made up of my husband, my son and my daughter. I am nothing without them. They are my piece of heaven on earth and wherever they are that is where home is. The four of us make a little family.

My children are not the glue that keeps my husband and I together. Love, mischief, excitement and craziness is what keeps us together. Our children are however part of that love and they make up that glue. They bring to our lives the seven colours of the rainbow.

I am extremely content with my family. I am nothing without them.


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