Lets Get Closer

So I’ve been going through alot lately and its really been affecting me. Since I’m looking for an outlet at this time, I was thinking why not prepare a date night for me and the hubby.

So we have two kids, my son is 1 year 3 months and daughter is 3 months. You can probably guess that we hardly get any alone time so my challenge is how to make this work. 

I’m thinking a bottle of wine, some slow music and a nice dress. After we put the kids to bed, turn on some soft music and get a few games involved. Have a little fun, get a little tipsy, dance a bit and just enjoy each others company. 

A few games that you may like to try is:

1. 20 questions – this game is great to catch up with each other. Learn new things about your partner. Remember though, whatever you ask, you require the truth and you should try not to get upset if anything does bother you. The game is for fun and to enjoy with your partner.

.2. Truth or dare/spin the bottle – this is just an old time favorite that can recreate your school or college days. Have some sexy fun with this game.

3. Fantasy/Role Playing Game – write down your fantasies and interesting roles that you would like each other to play. Pick one and try it out. If this game is a hit with you, start on a Sunday and each one of you take a turn to pick a fantasy or role for each day of the week. 

4. Try a drinking game. Get a bottle of something that you both like. Try something thats not too intoxicating, if you have kids like me that is. Find a drinking game and play together. Find drinking games for two people with cards here

So Friday/Saturday is going to be date night. I will keep you updated on my ideas and how it goes. 


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