I am…

I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am a daughter in law. I am Me.

My biggest identity is that of being a mother. Who am I ? 

I Am A Mother.

Mishti and Yash are my identity. Most of me is made up of me being a mother. My life revolves around looking after, cleaning up after, bathing, feeding, changing them while washing their bottles and filling their flask.

Being a mother is a wonderful identity that I assume. My children cannot do without me no matter who takes over. No matter how many children they have raised they will not be able to raise my children. My children are spoiled. One at one year three months and the other at three months, both have their own styles. No one can cater to their every whim and fancy the way I can and I know that. 

My son needs his egg to be fried in a certain way and the sides of his bread to be cut and then the slices need to be cut in four. My daughter has a special way to come out and get dressed after a bath and she needs to be held a certain way to sleep. My son needs his story to be told to him in a certain way before he sleeps and my daughter needs her head and eyes to be covered before she can sleep.

No one knows my children better than I do. I am a mother and I am proud of that. Wherever I go the baby section is the first section I visit. If I’m somewhere without my babies, I wonder how they doing all the time. When I see nice things for kids I take those first. From bubble bath to every kind of teething medicine, I have it all for them. Everything I do, my babys are the first thing on my mind. 

I am a wife.

He is part of me and that is what marriage is all about. My husband is a huge part of me. His thoughts influence the way I think and his ways make some of my ways. I know the way he likes his tea and the way he likes his clothes laid out for him in the morning. I know the things he loves and I know the things he hates. I know everything about him and he is everything about me. 

I am a daughter.

I am my fathers only daughter. Everything that he has taught me I have learned and used through my years. One day, when I was way younger and my dad was fixing a car, I asked him wouldn’t he have wanted a son to help him to do all those things. He told me, that I am his son and daughter. I was blessed with the best father in the world and it is a blessing to be his daughter.

I am a daughter in law.

I am a daughter in law and I respect that relationship. I try my best to honour that role as best as I can.

I am me.

On the odd day, I am Me. I get mad, angry and upset. I become stubborn and want to be carefree. 

Me: I am made up of all tiny parts to be who I am. Me is a mother, a wife, a daughter and a daughter in law. I am proud of being these things and look forward to really perfect my every role. 


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