Emergency : baby on the way

So having a newborn baby in the house makes you realise that you can never prepare yourself for having a baby. Heres a baby survival bag that you should have packed for the first couple months of being a new mum.

  • Tons of wetwipes
  • Tons of diapers (Ive found that pampers premium is the go to diaper as my kids, who developed a rash with basically EVERYTHING worked well)
  • Nappy liners( This one is just a precaution. But with a kid you wont want to leave anything out)
  • Bennets bum cream/fissan paste
  • Diaper changing mat
  • Baby oil (For children with extremely sensitive skin, I find that Elizabeth Anne products are the best)
  • Baby powder (Elizabeth Anne)
  • Baby lotion (Elizabeth Anne/Epimax Junior)
  • Glycerin (tongue cleaning)
  • Cotton wool
  • Cotton wool buds(Please do not clean the inside of your childs ear with the wool bud as you are just putting the wax into the ear instead of taking it out.) – a great mum hack is to put oil on the bud to help get out dirt quickly
  • Baby soap  (Elizabeth Annes here as well or you can try pure glycerine soap to prevent any allergic reactions. Also, Epimax junior can be used in the bath as well (one tablespoon in the bath water))
  • Baby shampoo (its Elizbeth Anne for me as well here)
  • Baby bottles if you are going to bottle feed. My recommendation is Dr.Browns. 
  • A good breast pump if you are going to breast feed and bepanthen nipple cream.
  • Get yourself a baby milk warmer. I have one from Snookums. Just fill some water and place the bottle in. Turn the nozzle to the correct temperature for whatever you’re making hot (food/milk). This is way healthier than using the microwave.
  • Formular ( I opted for s26 and Infacare. These two are the formulars that did not make my kids suffer too much with constipation as all kids do when being formular fed.)
  • Get yourself a good reliable flask so that you will always have the right temperature of water to mix your baby formular.
  • Bonnisan (speaking of constipation. Bonnisan is amazing! You can give it to newborns since it is herbal and it helps them with constipation.)
  • Gripe water (for the first three months, use the telemant gripe water and thereafter you can use woodwards)
  • Telemant drops (great for colic babies. 8 drops in the milk every second feed. Watch out, the drops make the milk sour.)
  • Karvol drops/karvol rub (this is great for babies with congested noses and heavy chests. – a great mum hack to get a coughing baby to sleep is to rub their feet with vapour rub and cover them with socks.(vicks has a baby vapour rub which is great if you cant get the Karvol rub)
  • Face towels, lots and lots of face towels
  • Two changes of clothes (hat, vests and onesies are fine)
  • Good,warm baby blankets
  • Teejel (wonderful for teething). You can also use Prodol. If you are a durbanite get Gregs Teething Mixture, its wonderful for teething babies. It takes care of the temperature and running stomach so well.
  • Soft and noisy toys to distract the little one
  • Carry your bottle sterilizer everywhere! And your bottle brush. I love Miltons!
  • A dummy is optional if you want to introduce your child to one

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