Thoughts at midnight

I’ve already had a reception for when we got registered legally. 

That was 2014. But I didn’t have much fun at the reception. But this time around, I want to party it up. Why shouldn’t I? Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to. 

Just kidding. So my mother is against showing any happiness but I will not let that affect me. After getting married, your whole world changes. Your priorities change. Its now about keeping your husband happy, I mean hes the one you have to live with right? 

So, while having a small midnight snack in this durban winter cold, I have thought about what I want to do after I get married. I mean, I want to do the whole shabang. We are doing hurdee and mendhi for me and a nice traditional wedding in the hall.

To cut costs (because that’s totally what I am all about), I decided that we could use a gazebo and set it up outside a tarred area at my mother in laws house. We could decorate it really nicely and put some chairs and one table inside. We could get a cake and some snacks and connect a sound system. My wedding consists of maximum 50 people because as I said my mother is ashamed of my traditional marriage. Once we cut the cake and thank everyone for helping, we can party the night away because thats what I want to do. I never got the chance to do it the first time, on this night I will make sure that I get to enjoy it.


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