Homeless & A Housewife

My husband works all over. He is a construction safety officer and moves around alot. We cannot afford our own home yet so we bounce around between my parents house, his mums house and his work accommodation.

He has a job. I am a housewife now and every avenue I have explored to get myself off the ground gets a full stop immediately. I am frustrated now. Frustrated at my situation.

I love my children and I love looking after them. But I want to work and I want to provide. I want to get out of this situation, own my own house, kick start my business and provide for my children. I dont want to have to ask for money from people, I want to have money for myself, to buy my own clothes and go to the salon when I want to. 

I want to go shopping for my children with my children and I want to be able to gift my husband and children things. 

I hate being homeless and a housewife. I need to be a home owner and working class woman. 


One thought on “Homeless & A Housewife

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