Fed up & Determined

Hello there bloggers!

It’s that time again where I feel determined! Although, we all know where my determination ends up most of the time. But look at me, at least I’ve kept this blog up and running with my crazy life.

So in my last post I spoke about being Homeless & A Housewife and that got the wheels turning in my head.


That’s just the thing. I don’t have to be! My husband and I were planning to get a premises for our business as well as planning to take a loan to sort all things out and then I stopped to think. If we can take a risk for a business, why not take a risk for our family?

If we could take a business loan, why not take a home loan and start a business from our own home? If I want to give classes/ start an internet cafe/start a small tuck shop, I wont have to pay rent for a place nor will I have to leave my home which is great!

Interesting article about the pros and cons of mortgages here.

Anyway I dont want to get too excited or anything, but I am thinking that this could be a great way out. This weekends reminders shall be the following:

  • Discuss Mortgages
  • Discuss starting a business as soon as we get our home
  • A way to get money to fix our car

I am now determined to be a home owner, entrepreneur, wife and mother. Having my own home will mean that I can do whatever I want with it, I will have a premises that I can use for whatever possible reason and we will not be homeless. The biggest problem is obviously the repayments. We just need a plan to make a little extra cash and turn that extra cash into a lot. Any ideas people? I’m all ears!


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