Wedding Bells #51

Yes, Yes Wedding Bells!!

I have this great idea for our reception(which will be a surprise for all btw!)

I am a dancer. Dance is a way of life for me. My husband and I know each other since childhood (I mean like I was 5, walking to preschool and he was 8 walking to the same primary school!) We lived in the same road. When I moved away, we lost touch but we saw each other randomly through the years. We were some sort of weird friends.

Anyway, fast forward to 2013, we connected on facebook and have been inseperable ever since. We have done so much in these 3 years! So, after our wedding, for our small reception, I want to tell our story with a dance. From the time we were small, up until right now. I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well.

Is this a good idea?


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