The big Five-O !! 

50 more days! Just 50 more! If my mother saw this invite, she would probably murder me. She would ask why did I make an invite when we not inviting so many people? 

But excited is what I am. Happiness is what I want and deserve so that is what I will strive for.

I have decided to adopt a new attitude in life. This attitude even has a title, its called the Get what I want attitude and let me just tell you, I intend on following it through.

My wedding, although small will be great fun and extravagant. I will laugh as much as I want, dance as much as I want, drink as much as I want and do what I want. No one is going to tramp my joy this time. Throughout my life I always had my mother not allowing me to be happy on special occasions but I am grown up now and I will do the thing I like.


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