How Do I Love YOU

The weekend rush is over. I have to admit, I missed blogging! My phone remained untouched for more than 24 hours.

Every Monday that I am not going to be spending with my husband is one of the saddest days for me. On Sunday night when I get into bed, I am engulfed by my husband’s hot bear hugs. And when I get up to start my routine of getting things ready for him to go to work, I instantly wish I had more hours with him. Even if its just to lay down like that. What a beautiful life it is when you have your whole world lit up like Diwali (which is equivalent to the 4th of July, for those of you that are more familiar with that expression). 

Then he gets up while I’m doing his things and he tells me to get back to bed. I tell him what I’m doing and he almost always replies “Leave it” . He and I both know what I’m doing is important and that I can’t leave it but he says it anyway and it warms my heart.

My husband is not perfect, nor am I. Our relationship is not perfect (God knows we fight worse than Underground Street Fighters!!). We have our bad days and we have our worse days. I am not just starting to have feelings for him or newly married. 

Its just that we don’t need to be perfect on our own and our relationship does not need to be perfect. Life is about those little fights and arguments, its about thise life changing experiences, its about who sticks with you even though they can’t stand you sometimes. But its also about the joy of laughing at each other’s mistakes, the sweet time that you enjoy making up for that fight you had 5 minutes ago, its about that moment when you fought and your life changed in a second when you made this big realisation due to this fight (like realising that even though you would like to ring his neck, you would rather have him around than not have him at all.)

Even though some days are bad, not all the days are. And as they say a star can only shine once there is darkness. Bad days could be the darkness and the love between you two would most definitely be the brightest, most beautiful star shining through. I feel this way about my husband, that even though we fight, all the bad things fall away because he is simply to amazing to lose. He puts up with my tantrums and takes care of my heart. I feel like I sound like someone who has just started seeing someone and their still in that honeymoon phase but really, I think I’m just someone that falls in love with her husband like its the first time everyday.


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