Manifestations & Visualizations

I know I said under construction, but I’m too tired to start right now (no determination right?). 

Anyway, I do however have enough energy for a blog post. I have a lot running through my mind and I’m not sure how to put the thoughts into words. I am so focused on our goals right now.

At the moment I am busy with business registrations, uif and sars efiling registrations as well. I am busy with my dancing classes and my husband is busy with his safety contracts. That’s amazing and great but we have to turn this into a continuous money generating profitable organization. 

I am greatful and thankful for these opportunities. I feel blessed and yes, I am thanking the Universe.Manifestation is working great for me. In fact, I am glad about trying the secret approach once more.

I am looking to share my vision board with you, I just need to tech it up and make it look all smart and savvy for you guys.

You can try Goalsontrack.Goalsontrack Is A Web-based System That Allows You To Set And Track Goals And Subgoals, Manage Tasks, Build Habits, Keep Goal Journal, Visualize Your Goals With Vision Board, Etc. Supports Iphone, Ipad And Android Devices. 


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