Potty Training?

My son, Yash, is now 1 year 4 months old. He now knows when he wants to change his diaper as he starts to take it out as soon as his done with his number 1 or 2. I am beginning to think that it’s time to start potty training him.

I watched this video on potty training. There have been many positive reviews and it promises to have your toddler potty trained in 3 days!

Today, my son noticed that my mum was going out somewhere. He immediately threw a tantrum! He screamed and screamed while I was busy changing my daughter (4 month old), who I had just given a bath. I then realised I still have this thing called “The Terrible Twos” to live through. I am wondering how to improve my toddler’s behaviour before he goes crazy and drives me crazy as well. My husband says that when he disciplines our toddler, that I should not get involved, but how can I not? I’m his mother!

All I can do now is, pray for better behaviour and see how it goes!




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