Remaining Active, Positive & Motivated

So, here I am again, still feeling determined. 

My husband has landed a great safety consulting contract and we’re getting our name out there.

My enquiries for dance lessons have reached a number that I have an actual class. 

Paid surveys are working out well for me.

So ready to fix the car and buy a house!

Thankful and blessed is what I feel. I’ve watch this manifestation miracle dvd and decided to try it out. As you know, I have tried the secret earlier on in life, I still had my baby in my tummy at that time. After watching these videos, I decided to give manifestation another try. Unfortunately, I had to spend a little money (which I was apprehensive about) but I threw caution to the wind and decided to give it a try. 

I am so thankful and so is my husband! We will continue to practise these steps as manifestation is bringing forward all the delights that we need and have been waiting for!


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