Tired, Frustrated & Time For Change

Yes, I am tired and frustrated! How can someone be so selfish? I really don’t understand! My child is more important than any material possession in this world and I mean that. I don’t mind if my favorite thing that I have kept for an umpteen amount of years gets broken as long as my child goes unscathed.

I know a woman that shouldn’t even be a woman! She is so worried about her material items and could not care less about the child that she ‘supposedly’ takes care of. One day I asked her, “So you care if your thing gets dirty but not if the child gets hurt?” and she answered me with no shame at all, “YES”. How can such a woman be a mother?

She gets upset and jealous when the father does things for his only daughter. She tries to poison their minds so that they turn against each other. It’s so upsetting and frustrating. I can barely manage to see it anymore. The child and the father have to hide and talk about things because the mother will freak if she finds out that the dad is doing something for his only daughter. That’s not a life!

And yes, I am tired and frustrated but so full of motivation to make changes in this life. That includes changing up this blog. When I created it, I did not know that I would get so addicted to blogging. Now, that I like it so much, I feel a bit sad when I see other nice looking blogs and my drab looking one.So hey, baby blues & pinks is under construction.


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