The seven day challenge ♥ 

Join me in my 7 day feel good challenge! Everyday, our lives go different ways. Today, you may feel like you’re on top of the world and tomorrow you may feel like jumping off the roof (hopefully its really close to the ground)

Since I have decided to create a thank you journal (see previous post), creating and completing a 7 day feel good challenge will definitely give me things to be thankful for and help me achieve my attitude of gratitude.

7 Day Challenge


Day 1

Write down 5 things to be happy about right now!

The objective of this is TO BE THANKFUL. I can easily think of 5 things to be happy about right now.

  1. I am happy that I have 2 wonderful children
  2. I am happy to have a good husband
  3. I am happy that things are working out in my life
  4. I am happy to be alive today
  5. I am happy that I am able to be thankful for what I have

You may think that you don’t have anything to be happy about right now, but trust me, you do. Think about what you have, that other’s may not have. Isn’t that a reason to be happy? Keep this list somewhere safe so when you feel like giving up hope, you will look at it and be reminded of why you should be happy.

Day 2

Dress up in your favorite clothing. Style yourself.

All dressed up and nowhere to go is the name of this game. Today, put in an extra effort as to how you look. Put on your favorite clothings, dab on some make up and look fabolous! Take a few selfies and admire yourself! Put this picture up on your social media. Looking and feeling beautiful is the name of this game!

Day 3

Declutter! Clean out all your junk.

This is a great way to start afresh in life. Have things kept from years ago? LET IT GO AND THROW! Chances are, if you haven’t taken something out in years, you probably aren’t going to need it anyway. Clean out your closet and give your clothes to someone who needs them. Who knows? They may come up with a fabulous outfit!

Day 4

Write down your 5 year plan

This one is one of my favorites! A 5 year plan is what you would like to happen within the next 5 years, be it family wise or education wise. Keep this one very safe! You will need it! This 5 year plan can be used to manifest your dreams into a reality. Read it every now and then, when you need to be reminded of what your struggle is for.

Manifestation Miracle

Day 5

Write down 10 positive things about yourself.

Self centered? NO! Self empowered! Jot down 10 positive things about yourself, it doesn’t matter what they are, all that matters is that they’re true and positive. Days can be very dark and friends can be few, and when you reach rock bottom, the only person that can pick you up is YOU! Writing these things down prepare you for when you do hit rock bottom (we all do!) and it will help you to remember your good qualities.

Day 6

Text an old friend a memory that you share

This is a great conversation starter as well as a great way to reconnect. On a bad day, nothing beats the craziness better than a few laughs about the good ol’ days with an old friend. The laughter you share will make any dark day seem bright.

Day 7

Give someone a gift

No, I don’t mean buy some random person a gift. Make something with your own two hands and give it to someone special when they least expect it. They will definitely feel appreciated and their feel good mood will spread to yours!

Manifestation Miracle

So, here comes our 7 day challenge! Join me in making our lives better.


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