Another one, please!

I want another one!

I want to be pregnant again. I miss having a little human inside my stomach. 

I was born for this.

I was born to be a mum. That’s my identity. This is something that makes my heart content.That moment when its all over in the delivery room and the nurse takes the baby and puts him or her on your chest, thats the best moment in the whole world.

Crazy, huh?

I went through so much of troubles with both my pregnancies. I was in and out of hospital, I was an emotional wreck and I was really sick but I’m asking for it again. I know its crazy but its what I want.

Kisses, laughs and hugs

The best kisses, the best giggles and the best hugs comes from the light of my life. My children. Its because of this that I would do it again and again and again. 

Children are the God’s biggest blessing . No need to frighten me with terrible twos and all the other trials and tribulations that come with having kids because I don’t care! My children are my strength and with them I can take on anything, even if it is them lol.

I want kids! Lots and lots of kids! 


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