Toothless smiles

Just a little while ago, I was very upset. In fact, I was upset to the point of tears. I was home alone with my 4 month old and everyone was gone out, even my 1 year old son! Alone, with no friends to call, I began feeling depressed. Why am I the one sitting at home with nothing to do?

I began to cry.

Then, I began to pack as tomorrow I was leaving with the kids to join my husband. I didn’t quiet finish pack, when my daughter woke up. She is beautiful and full of smiles for mummy. I was still very upset. I needed to put some movies on a thumb drive for my son to watch when he got home later, so I fetched it and plugged it in. My little girl started to fuss for milk.

Then, I dimmed the lights, got the milk and decided to sit in my bedroom, snuggle in the warm with my darling, feed her and watch a movie. A girls night.

My first girls night with my baby girl. How fun! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it that way. Yes, I know she’s 4 months but its still special to me. Its the first of many girls nights that we will spend together.

I can’t wait until the time she grows a little more and then we can have popcorn and I can do her hair and paint her nails. It will be so much more fun and so very very special.

At first, I thought tonight wasn’t a good idea but I realised that it was a great thing. It turned out to be such a blessing. Spending time with my baby doll, is so precious.

This beautiful toothless smile is what my heart beats for.


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