Welcome back to blogging? 

So I haven’t blogged in a while. I guess you could call it a small technology break. With 4 weekends to go, I have purchased my wedding sari. Its beautiful. My husband helped pick it out.

I am really excited about my wedding. It means alot for me to do this traditionally. I have always been a traditional girl so this means alot to finally get it done.

I feel at this point in my life, I need to reflect on all things. I feel like I am standing still and all the scenes of my life are passing me by. There are 3 days in my life that I have not yet forgotten. 

Beautiful day #01

The day my husband came to meet me for the first time after many years. He has always been handsome and I have never been pretty. I was scared to meet him. But I never took such a risk for any person before. My parents went out grocery shopping and my husband came around looking for my house. I met him with old clothes and torn jeans, my hair an entire mess, fading nail polish and bare foot. He hugged me and greeted me. A while into his visit he asked me a question that stopped my heart. He asked if he could kiss me. I found that so sweet. I will never forget that day. 

Beautiful day #02

Giving birth to my baby boy. My husband supported me through the whole thing and then there came my baby boy. He was so perfect! I can never forget what I went through to have him and yet it was such a beautiful experience. 

Beautiful day #03

Giving birth to my baby girl. My husband gave me the strength to do it without any pain medication. When she arrived, she too was perfect. It was a wonderful experience. 

This life is a joy because of these three days. 

Don’t forget our family business..

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