I am thinking of giving up blogging. I mean, who reads this blog anyway?

My wedding is 2 weeks away!! I can’t believe it!! I really am feeling every emotion in this whole world! Things are changing and positivity and happiness is floating in the air. Recently, I’ve been feeling very emotional. I don’t know why, but it’s been happening.

There’s a sudden positivity within me. Everything is suddenly so amazing and life is so wonderful that I’ve been sitting back and counting my blessings. It doesn’t matter that my life has it’s problems, it somehow just seems so great anyway. I figure that I am changing, or maybe growing up? Maybe parenting and age are finally working together to create a better me. But whatever it is, I Love It.

Thinking about the way I feel makes me feel like my sister in law (my brother in laws wife) is the influence. But I can’t really say. Anyway, if I am happy, why am I even questioning it?

In 2 weeks, sindhoor will be on my forehead. No one knows how happy I will be. I will be taking my vows around the holy fire with God as my witness and my husband will make me his by putting sindhoor on my forehead.

 At the moment, I feel like one of those people that I generally envy. You know, those people who always have an inspirational quote on hand, smile on their face and who seem to be the happiest person in the whole world. We all know someone like that and they tend to show themselves when you’re at an all time low and instead of having someone who is going to show off how amazing their life is, you need someone who is just going to sit and be a loser with you. 

 I suppose I may be as annoying as that right now, telling you all these things but I seem to be bursting at the seams with things to say and no one to say it to.

I am excited for the new opportunities that life has presented us with. It has hit me again that patience and determination both work hand in hand. Not forgetting Gods guiding hands on our lives. Many people give thanks to God, and so do I. But I have yo give thanks to my God, which is my Father. I have never met another soul like him. He is truly the worlds best father.



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