My wedding weekend has come and gone and suprisingly it was amazing!! 

I expected a lot of drama and a lot of fuss. I expected my mother to show how dissatisfied she was with the whole setup. I mean she was against this from the beginning right? But I noticed that her getting a chance to get all dolled up really changed her mood.

My wedding went off fantastically! To me our wedding brought together both our families again. We can all at least be cordial to each other again. My heart is so happy. 

I expected my sister in law to turn up, at least to make her brothers heart happy but unfortunately she did not. I dont know how people can have so much hate in their heart towards someone who was there for you in your time of need. Anyway even though we dont get a long I hope she comes around soon because I dont like something like this hanging over my husbands life.

I’m appreciating every moment with my kids but I am beginning to feel a lack of purpose. There was a job that was to come up but unfortunately it fell through. So now I am stuck doing paperwork for my husband but doing nothing for me. 

I’m hoping for a successful ongoing job soon. Pray for me. 


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