Lets play with powder

Life is all about playing with powder.


Our lives are so complicated. As a parent, life doesn’t stop getting complicated. We face so many different, difficult and tiring situations every day.

I know as a mother, seeing to my husband, two small babies and other household things are extremely hard to do. I wake up at 2.30 am and there starts my day. 

But there are moments in between it all that remind you that your life is complicated so that your child’s life can be just about playing with powder.

Today my son got out of the bathroom, put some powder in my hands, dipped his finger in it and started drawing on my face. Needless to say we both ended up looking like clowns but thats what a baby’s life is supposed to be about. 

Its supposed to be about playing with powder and getting all messed up. My son is wonderful and beautiful. So is my daughter, she is my little princess. 

I’m glad and proud to say that I love them equally. They are the best miracles on this earth.


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