The beginning?

The result of having a lot of things to say  makes me wonder, what would I want the world to hear?

Who cares about my bad days as a mum or my tough life living with someone whose supposed to feel the way I feel about my kids, towards me? Should I write a love story? A story about romance, trials, tribulations and finally happily ever after?

This was the beginning.

The beginning of something new she thought.

It’s 7:00 am in the morning and as far as Monday mornings go, this one is surely living up to all that it’s said to be. As usual, Monday is the morning that everything bad happens. Suddenly your hair has grown a brain of it’s own and has decided not to work with you today, your favorite top, the one that flatters your curves has somehow vanished overnight. You can’t find a matching sock or your favorite lipstick, it feels like lightning struck your home and you’re still recovering from the flames.

This, is a typical Monday morning at my house. Hi, I’m Trisha and this is my blog. As a teenager going to Palm Springs High in the age where all things electronic rule, it would be lame of me to even keep a physical diary. Here, on my blog, all the cool days of my life will be recorded, or atleast I hope so! Anyway, I’m really late for school. Catch you later.


The Pink Panther

Thats sort of an extract of the direction that I was heading. I wonder if this could turn out to be anything. I hope it does.


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