Hi guys.

Welcome to the next chapter of my life.

Recently, a lot has been changing. My husband has a new job and is doing safety consultancy on the side. We are now about to rent a house so that we all can stay together instead of splitting up because where is he posted right now is far away. We are fixing our car, the one that he smashed this year. Exciting things are happening and I am excited but nothing exciting is happening for me. I don’t know how to get a small constant sideline up and running. It seems really hard. My i.t business is okay but it’s small and nowhere near constant. The word is not spread out far and wide enough. I need to change that.

With all these changes in life, I am excited and nervous and scared. The new place is really nice and quiet spacious. It’s got enough of place for my kids to run around and cause a riot! (Which they already do anyways)

Our new rented home has two bedrooms. The kids are still small and sleep with us, so I intend on making the second room a laundry room/dressing room/home office. All that’s great, but the true question is Why do I need a home office with no work?


Is there anyone else out there that shares my feelings? I wish I knew.


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