The beginning – Continued (2)


This is the second small extract of my continued writing, The beginning


Hey there, bloggers.

I’m back! So, first days of school are always rough and join that with a Monday and its hell fire! You’d think a lot has changed since we all last saw each other. It’s been a whole month really! You would expect atleast one person to get a new haircut, kiss a new boy or even find a boyfriend. But no, all my friends have remained the same. Kat, is my best friend, we’ve known each other practically forever. Our friendship began by sharing mud pies in the pre-school sandpit and we’ve been inseparable ever since! Kat is gorgeous, she is fair with piercing brown eyes and a figure to die for. She is quiet popular, being one of the prettiest girls in our school but she’s my friend anyhow, even though I’m not that gorgeous. I may not be beautiful but I make up for that in many other ways. I am a good person, I am damn intelligent and witty and I do have a good body, just not the best face. Life is full of people, and their all not the same so I didn’t really feel my not so attractive face as a downfall because for true love to happen (yes, I do believe in true love), the connection will take place in the heart, mind and soul truly. Yes, I know, it sounds like something ugly people say to comfort themselves and that’s okay. I would rather be ugly and have a good soul than pretty with an ugly soul.

So, I don’t have a boyfriend yet, but I have my eye on someone. He’s tall and fair, with liquid brown eyes that you could just get lost in! His name is well, let’s call him J for now. (What if he reads this?!?)

I’ve known him ever since primary school, he was my best friend Kat’s boyfriend but then they broke up! I’m still not sure why though. Yes, yes I know, you’re not supposed to crush on your girl’s ex boyfriend but hey, he could be my soulmate. Why would I lose out on the love of my life just because of some unwritten girl code rule?

Hey, don’t judge me. I believe in true love and I’d fight for it. Well let me tell you a little more about J. He’s gorgeous, he’s got a good heart and innocent ways. He is of course, captain of the volleyball team (predictable right?) and amazingly enough we’re friends. This year, we all entered Palm Springs and after 6 months of being in this school, J and I have actually gotten quiet close. In fact, so close that his family knows me, well! I’m in his every conversation, we chat and text all the time, we’re practically dating but not. That’s the part that bothers me.

While we’ve been friends for some time now, he hasn’t said anything about trying to move forward from friendship to some other ship, you know like, RELATIONSHIP. My mum’s calling, so we will continue this little chat later.



The Pink Panther.


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The beginning?

The result of having a lot of things to say  makes me wonder, what would I want the world to hear?

Who cares about my bad days as a mum or my tough life living with someone whose supposed to feel the way I feel about my kids, towards me? Should I write a love story? A story about romance, trials, tribulations and finally happily ever after?

This was the beginning.

The beginning of something new she thought.

It’s 7:00 am in the morning and as far as Monday mornings go, this one is surely living up to all that it’s said to be. As usual, Monday is the morning that everything bad happens. Suddenly your hair has grown a brain of it’s own and has decided not to work with you today, your favorite top, the one that flatters your curves has somehow vanished overnight. You can’t find a matching sock or your favorite lipstick, it feels like lightning struck your home and you’re still recovering from the flames.

This, is a typical Monday morning at my house. Hi, I’m Trisha and this is my blog. As a teenager going to Palm Springs High in the age where all things electronic rule, it would be lame of me to even keep a physical diary. Here, on my blog, all the cool days of my life will be recorded, or atleast I hope so! Anyway, I’m really late for school. Catch you later.


The Pink Panther

Thats sort of an extract of the direction that I was heading. I wonder if this could turn out to be anything. I hope it does.